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Stressed? These foods may help you to feel calm and serene


We have to admit that celery isn’t always the most tempting choice of pre-bedtime snack, but we soon changed our tune on this funny little green veg when we learnt about its special power.

Celery has tryptophan at its heart, something that in turn kick starts your brain into creating serotonin (the sleepy chemical). Better sleep quality is known to improve feelings of stress when you are awake and is something that each and every one of us could do with from time to time!


Your adrenal glands are responsible for pumping out cortisol and adrenalin; the chemicals you need the most when you are feeling the pressure. But if they are lacking in oomph you might be too!

Liquorice helps to stimulate your glands and get them pumping those much needed chemicals through your body. Just want you need when you are facing a stressful time!


Often something you can be heard to mutter during a stressful time, nuts are great to snack on when the going gets tough. During a stressful time your body and brain are going to use up some of the most important vitamins quickly.

Zinc, magnesium, omega oils and vitamin B are all drained during these times and nuts, thankfully can help to restore the balance back in your body.


Not only does garlic fend off any curious vampires, it can also help with some of the issues that are associated to stress. Rather than tackling the stressful feelings themselves, garlic is known to support the immune system and reduce tissue and joint inflammation. All things that can flair up and cause discomfort during stressful periods of your life.


Most people who have chamomile in their diet will use it as a soothing sleep aid when they need a helping hand; however the power of this plant doesn’t end there. Chamomile can increase your hippuric acid levels which is key when fighting stress related infections! It also can help with digestive issues such as constipation (often things that are triggered by being in a stressful situation).

So if you are feeling stressed then remember that there are plenty of healthy, low fat and tasty foods that you can reach for to help. Chill out, relax and before long you will be feeling ultra fabulous!

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